The Israel Kibbutz Orchestra - 38th Season - 2008-2009

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Andreas Wolf Keren Hadar
Na'ama women choir
Megiddo Choir
Celebrating 200 years since Mendelssohn's birth day

Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

Megiddo Choir and Na'ama women choir, music director Pnina Inbar

Soprano: Keren Hadar
Mezzo soprano: Shira Raz
Tenor: Felix Livshitz
Baritone Andreas Wolf - (Germany)

- Die Erste Walpurgisnacht (The First Valpurgis Night) - Cantata for orchestra, choir and soloists

- "Wie der Hirsch schreit" ("As the Hart Pants"), Psalm 42, Motet for orchestra, choir and soprano, op. 42

"Die Erste Walpurgisnacht (The First Valpurgis Night)" was composed by Mendelssohn as an accompaniment to Goethe's poem on the "Witch's Sabbath", a night of feasting and orgiastic dancing to wild music, which according to ancient Germanic pagan legends takes place on the 30th of April on Mount Broken .
Mendelssohn is quoted as claiming that the motet "Wie der Hirsch schreit (As the Hart Pants)" is his best composition of its kind and indeed, the beauty of the music draws its inspiration from the lyricism of the text.
Strith Baltsan Between Concerto and Symphony

Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

Piano solo and lecturer: Dr. Astrith Baltsan

- Piano concerto No. 4 in G major, Op. 58
- Symphony No. 4 in B Flat major, Op. 60

A riveting concert which centres on a portrait of the composer at a crucial turning point in his life - between concerto and symphony; between personal failure and a reversal of his style.
The program can be described as "4X4" a narrative of the fourth piano concerto and the fourth symphony; two wonderful compositions which together, sum up the composer's life of loneliness up to that point.

Conductor: Raffi Kadishsohn

Music from a famous movies.

A musical compositions for movies accompanied by live presentation of a famous movies. The peogram includs prformance of music to the movies: "Indiana Jones", "Psycho", "Amadeus", "Star Wars" and more.
Michael Shani

Conductor: Michael Shani

The Tel Aviv Chamber Choir

- Chaim Fremont: "The Same Sea", based on the book by Amos Oz (World Premiere)
- Mendelssohn: Hebrides (Fingal's cave) Overture Overture to Fingal's Cave
- Schubert: Symphony No. 5 in B major

Amos Oz is one of Israel's most prominent writers and the music composed by Chaim Permont for choir and orchestra is based on his book "The Same Sea". It is presented here for the first time on a concert platform.
The program also includes Mendelssohn's Hebrides (Fingal's cave) Overture , a musical description following Mendelssohn's visit to the Hebrides Islands off the west coast of Scotland, which left him with a deep impression of the sea and the wild landscape. Mendelssohn expressed this in his overture, picturing the black rocks washed by the stormy waves, inspiring Wagner's comparison to "a large watercolour seascape"
Schubert's 5th Symphony, brimming with sparkling melodies and brilliant harmonies ends this concert.
Rony Holan Marina Katz
Yurai Oron

Conductor and Pianist: Yaron Gottfried

Cello: Marina Katz
Bass: Yurai Oron
Drums: Rony Holan

- Respighi: Ancient Dances - Suite No. 1
- J.S. Bach: Orchestral Suite No. 2 for flute and strings in B minor
- Couperin: Five concert pieces for Cello and string orchestra
- Handel: Concerto Grosso in B major No. 2, Op.3, No 2
- Yaron Gottfried: Jazz Suite "Capriol"

A fascinating combination of works from the Baroque period and those inspired by it: The Respighi Suite is based on ancient dances from the 16th and 17th centuries, and Bach's 2nd suite is a collection of dances from various countries; a splendid and colourful portrait of the era.
Gottfried's compositions, combining jazz with Baroque music, enjoy world renown and are frequently performed. His "Capriol" jazz suite, written as a Concerto Grosso for jazz trio and orchestra, is based on Renaissance dances, combined with improvisations. This compelling piece was enthusiastically received by orchestras, such as the Vancouver "La Crosse" and the Brazos Valley symphony orchestras, amongst others.
 Amy Mills  Bill Miller
Conductor: Amy Mills (USA)

Flute and Vocal: Bill Miller (USA)

- Bill Miller, Joshua Yudkin and Christie Wilkinson: "The Last Stand" - An Indian Symphony
- Morton Gould: Spirituals for String Orchestra and Harp
- Aaron Copland: Rodeo

A rare opportunity to meet the Native American Indian artist Bill Miller, winner of the prestigious "Grammy" award.
A Mohican Native American from Wisconsin, Bill Miller is a well known performing artist in the USA. His songs and compositions present a rich and authentic reflection of his cultural outlook.
"The Last Stand", written with Joshua Yudkin and Golden Globe nominee Kristin Wilkinson, tells the story of the battle of "Little Bighorn", presenting the story of the people in the battle and its messages for future peace and healing. This concert also features the American conductor, Amy Mills, called a fireball of excitement and enthusiasm leading Morton Gould's "Spirituals for Orchestra", songs of the black slaves in a beautiful adaptation for strings. Also on the program is Aaron Copland's "Rodeo", depicting a day in the life of the cowboys in the old American west, from the excitement of the rodeo to the beauty of the sunset and ending with a foot-stomping barn dance.
Guy MannheimDavid Seba
Coductor: Yaron Gotfried

Song and Act: David Seba
Soprano: Hila Baggio
Soprano: Yael Levite
Tenor: Guy Mannheim

Stage Director: Dani Erlich
Stage designer: Inbal lieblich
- Mozart: The Impresario - A comic opera
- "Mad Opera": David Sebba in a performance of mad humour from the world of opera.

A humorous delightful concert, "The Impresario", a short comic opera by Mozart (opera Buffa ), is performed on stage with costumes and lighting. Disguised by jokes and musical effects, Mozart pokes fun at and even criticizes the class system - even in his own operas-which were fearlessly staged for the "entertainment' of the upper classes.
The amusing stand up opera act by David Seba, "Mad Opera" is about love stories, intrigues and death sentences; an unusual combination of poetry, music, crazy explanations, terrible shouting and shameless behaviour. All the answers to all the questions you never dared to ask about the world of opera and its artistic and cultural voice
Miriam FriedPaul Biss Conductor: Paul Biss (USA)

Violin: Miriam Fried (USA)

Bruch: Violin Concerto No. 11 in G minor, Op 26
Stravinsky: Pulcinella suite
Dvorak: Serenade for Winds in D minor, Op 44
Tchaikovsky: Serenade Melancolique for violin, Op 26

Miriam Fried is among the world's leading violinists. During her splendid career she has appeared with the best of the world's orchestras, including those of Chicago, Berlin, Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Conducted by her husband Paul Biss, she performs the famous and well loved Violin Concerto by Max Bruch, followed by Tchaikovsky's "Serenade Melancolique".
Also in this concert: The music of Stravinsky's ballet "Pulcinella", based on the music of the Baroque composer Pergolesi.
Alexander Korsantia Conductors: Yaron Gottfried, Doron Salomon

Piano: Alexander Korsantia (Georgia-Canada)

The Israel Kibbutz Orchestra and The Israel Sinfonietta Beer-Sheva

- Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 6 in B minor, oOp 74 - "Pathétique"
- Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor. oOp. 18

A unique collaboration between two orchestras joining forces to perform two monumental compositions from the romantic repertoire of Russian music. The 6th symphony, the last and most deeply felt of Tchaikovsky's symphonies is a work full of contrasts, ending in an adagio which seems to prophesy his impending death,
Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto will be played by Alexander Korsantia, the first prize winner of the Rubinstein Competition and now a world famous pianist.