Bach - Johannes Passion  -  October
The Potsdam New Chamber Choir Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

The Potsdam New Chamber Choir(Germany)

Soprano: Keren Motsri
Mezzo-Soprano: Shira Raz
Tenor: Marcus Ullman (Germany) \ Mark Molomot (USA)
Bass: Yoni Haimovitch
Bass: to be announced

To open our 37th season, we will perform Bach's great dramatic work, the Johannes Passion. Bach uses music enriched by dramatic and mystical images in order to describe historical events. In this performance the orchestra is joined by the Potsdam New Chamber Choir (Germany), which has successfully sung the Great Mass with the choir in the past, and has received many prizes and acclaim.
The Balkan Gypies  -  November
Theodosii Spassov Gipsy Ensemble Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

Joined by the Theodosii Spassov Gipsy Ensemble (Bulgaria)

Theodosii Passov: Balkan Compositions for the Kavel, Gipsy Group and Orchestra
Dvorak: Czech Suite
Bartok: Rumanian Dances

Music from the Balkans characterized by fragments of dances and varied rhythms and performed on ethnic instruments. The two suites that we are performing give full expression to the folklore influences from the Balkans to the Danube. The concert reaches its climax with Theodosii Spassov's Gypsy ensemble performance.
Newsweek has crowned him with the title "The greatest talent born in Eastern Europe" and he is considered to be one of the greatest players of the Kaval - The Bulgarian national flute. Together with Spassov and the ensemble, the orchestra will perform Balkan folk music that will transport the listener to an authentic world of village scent and sound.
"Pearls Of Mozart" With Aryie Vardi  -  December
Aryie  Vardi Conductor, pianist and compere: Aryieh Vardi

Oboe: Hila Tzabari Peleg
Clarinet: Nitzan Caspi
Bassoon: Ilinoy Yogev
Horn: Ruthi Varon

Mozart: Piano Concerto in B-flat major No. 27
Symphony Concertante for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon and Orchestra in E-flat, K.297b

In the role of compere, Arie Vardi will show us both the classical and the romantic aspects of Mozart. In recent years Arie Vardi has fascinated many music lovers with his TV series explaining and teaching great classical works. This time he will compere, play in and conduct a concert in which the orchestra's soloists play two of Mozart's most beautiful compositions - his last concerto for piano, characterized by its personal tone and prominent romantic diversity, and the Symphony Concertante for wind instruments.
Paris In The Twenties   -  January
Mandi RodanYuval Admoni and Tami Kanazava Conductor Mandi Rodan

Piano duo: Yuval Admoni and Tami Kanazava
Reading and pantomime: Ruti Tamir

Ravel: "Le Tombeau de Couperin"
Poulence: Concerto, 2 pianos
Saint Saens: Carnival of the Animals,
accompanied by a reading and pantomime according to a text by Yaron London
Ibert: Divertissiment

The program, with its fragrance of Paris in the 20s and 30s will be performing under the baton of the distinguished Israel Prize award winner - the conductor Mandi Rodan.
Carnival of the Animals, with the amusing text and allusions to topical events, written by Yaron London, followed by works for two pianos, played by Yuval Admony and Tami Kanazava, winners of the First Prize in the prestigious Yehudi Menuchin Competition for Chamber Music, and finally, the boisterous theatrical creation of Ibert, Divertissiment, are just few of the many tastes of Paris in the program.
From Broadway to Hollywood  -   February
Conductor and Pianist: Yaron Gottfried

Soprano: Alison Buchanan (USA)
Baritone: Leonard Rowe (USA)

Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue
Selection of songs by Bernstein, Gershwin, Nat King Cole and Rogers and Hammerstein

In this all-swing, glitter- and glow program we will present the best of American folklore - "Rhapsody in Blue" a sort of musical kaleidoscope of America which reflects the national spirit, sentimentality and metropolitan mania, along with songs, compositions and excerpts from musicals, representing the essence of American song. The Afro-American duo Rowe and Buchanan, whose appearance in last season's "Porgy and Bess" drew an enthusiastic response, return to us for this new performance.
Sound, Drama and Dance   -   March
Talia Paz Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

Violin: Ella Vaulin, Gilad Hildesheim

With the Talia Paz Dance Ensemble

Arvo Pärt:
Fratres (accompanied by dance)
Tabula Rasa (accompanied by dance)
Beethoven: Symphony No.5 Opus 67

The concert provides the audience with an abundance of drama and contrasts. The first part comprises a dance under the inspiration of the hypnotic and minimalist music of the Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. In the second part, a widened setup of the orchestra's players will perform a work that expresses the peak of dramatic expression in music, Beethoven the Fifth.
Italian-Spanish Cocktail  -   April
Salvador BrotonsThe Israeli Mandolin Quartet Conductor: Salvador Brotons (Spain)

With the Israeli Mandolin Quartet

Rossini: Overture to the opera "The Barber of Seville"
Vivaldi: Concerto for two Mandolins
Albéniz: Spanish Suite arranged for a mandolin quartet and orchestra
De Falla: Spanish Dance arranged for a mandolin quartet and orchestra
Verdi: "La Traviata" Prelude to first act
Puccini: Capriccio Symphony

Spanish conductor Salvador Brotons brings us joyful music with a fragrance of Spain and Italy. The award-winning Shmuel Elbaz Mandolin Quartet will perform this repertoire of choice Italian classic, using a special technique for producing a flexible musical tone.
The Screen Rises  - May
Bat Kol choir Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

Actress: Limor Goldstein The Bat Kol / Ma'ayn Choir conducted by Anat Morag

Shostakovitch: Excerpts from "Hamlet"
Gottfried: Musical Presentation - World Premiere
Haydn: Symphony No. 60, "Il Distratto"
Mendelssohn: "Midsummer Night's Dream" (full rendering)

For many composers, theater served as a source of both inspiration and income. At this special concert we will present theatrical works along with excerpts from plays and readings by the Actress Rama Mesenger. Haydn's "Il Distratto (The Distracted One") Symphony, which is actually music for Moliere's comedy of that name, along with Shostakovitch's music for Shakespeare's tragedy, "Hamlet." The program's highlight, however, is Mendelssohn's work for the play, "Midsummer Night's Dream," which describes - in magical sounds - the story of the lovers, the fairies and other inhabitants of the enchanted forest, based on Shakespeare's comedy. The concert also includes a premiere performance of a work by the orchestra's Music Director, Yaron Gottfried.
Celebrating Israel's 60th Independence Day  -   June
The Kibbutz Artzi ChoirThe Kibbutz choir Celebrating Israel's 60th Independence Day
A Tribute To The Kibbutz Movement

Conductor: Yaron Gottfried
Soprano: Gal James
Alt, tenor, bass to be announced.

"The Kibbutz choir" conducted by Ronen Borshevski
"The Kibbutz Artzi Choir" conducted by Yuval Ben-Ozer

Songs by Naomi Shemer, David Zahavi and others for soloist, choir and orchestra
Michael Wolfe: Israeli Suite based on songs of David Zahavi, Matityahu Shalem, Yehuda Sharett, Yehezkiel Braun, (world premiere)
Dov Carmel: Songs of Jerusalem for orchestra and choir
Nissim Nissimov: Selected Excerpts from the Song of Songs
Meir Mendel: "Negba 60" for narration, Choir and Orchestra According to a text written by Yossi Gamzu
Haydn: "The Creation" Mass

Within the framework of Israel's 60th anniversary the IKO will present a festive tribute to the Kibbutz Movement, featuring the two kibbutz choirs and soloists from the Kibbutz Movement. The concert will perform, for the first time, works of the kibbutz's composers, together with Israeli classical songs by Naomi Shemer, David Zahavi and others. The concert, as well as the entire season, will end with a performance of Haydn's Impressive "The Creation", which expresses optimism and joy through faith.