Sounds from the world: Cuban and Spanish Music

Joaquin Rodrigo: "Musica para un jardin"
Leo Brouwer: "Concerto De Perugia" for guitar, chorus and orchestra.
Guido Lopez: "Guaguanco" for orchestra and chorus
Yehoram Zarbbiv Highlights for choir from Zarzuelas

"The Milennuim Choral Group", choir director - Jae-Silk-Lim
Yehoram Zarbbiv - Guitar
Yaron Gottfried - Conductor

"Millenum Choral Group" offers a performance of Cuban sounds, rhythm and sensuality. The concert offers works by classical Cuban composers, among them, Guido Lopez and Leo Brouwer. Both are key figures in the contemporary classical music in Cuba. Their works combine folklore and a Cuban rhythm with traditional European classics.
This concert also brings you an enchanted composition by Rodrigo, "Garden Music" that will present the Spanish aspect - which is at the core of Cuban music. The choir will also present selected A Cappella pieces from Spanish Zarzuelas.

C l a s s i c a l    1

Yaron Gottfried: "Double Concerto for two violins"
J.S.Bach: Cantata no. 170 (Vergnugteruh, Beliebte Seelenlust) Alto solo.
F.G.Haydn: Symphony no.104, D major (London)

David D'orGilead HildesheimEla Louis David D'or - Contra tenor
Ella Luis, Gilad Hildeshaim - Violin
Yaron Gottfried - Conductor

According to traditional theology of the 17th Century - each voice has a celestial significance. The alto is the voice of the Holy Spirit. Bach's Cantatas for alto solos present a musically technical challenge for the singer. In his first intriguing cooperation with the orchestra, David D'Or will perform one of these outstanding pieces, Bach's Cantata No. 170.
Yaron Gottfried's composition "Double Concerto for two Violin and Orchestra'" which was commissioned by The Voice of Music for the opening of the 'Musical Pause' season and received many accolades, also presents a challenge for soloists. This sensual and harmonious music combines elements of Indian Raga built on the spellbinding dialog between the soloists. For this performance two outstanding musicians joined forces, Ella Lewis and Gilad Hildesheim. Symphony No, 104 "London" by Haydn, the "father of classical symphony", rounds out the cycle of his magnificent works. It is a work of brilliant, rich ideas and folk motifs, one that is direct and beckons enjoyment of its ideas and tunes even at first hearing.

Sounds from the world: Balkan Music

Bela Bartok: Rumanian Folk Dances
Zoltan Kodaly: Galanta Dances
Thedosii Spassov:Concerto for Kaval (Bulgarian shepherd's pipe) and strings orchestra

Teodosii Spasov Teodosii Spasov - Kaval
Eitan Globerson - Conductor

Folk music of the Balkans and Hungary is sensual music that sweeps you away and is characterized by its unique, dancing rhythms. Bartok and Kodaly collected and adapted Hungarian, Slovenian, Romanian, and Arabic folk music using them as the basis of their compositions. The two dance suites that open the concert offer all the splendor of expression to these elements. The second part of the concert will feature the kaval (Bulgarian sheepherder's flute) soloist Theodosii Spassov. Newsweek Magazine crowned him as "The most talented artist to come out of Eastern Europe, inventing a new trend in music". Spassov is involved in many prestigious projects, among them "Mysteries of the Bulgarian voice" that won a "Grammy" award. He has written music for many movies, among them "The Border". He performs at festivals all over the world. His unique virtuosity sweeps listeners into a world of rustic melodies and aromas of the Balkan.

Classical2: Classical Favorites

Gioacchino Rossini: "L'Italiana in Algeri" - Overture
Menachem Wiesenberg: Concertino Da-camera for percussion and chamber orchestra
W.A.Mozart: Symphony no. 41, K.551, C major (Jupiter)

Menachem WiesenbergNir Kabaretti Chen Tzimbalista Chen Tzimbalista - Percussion Instruments
Nir Kabaretti - Conductor

Best classic orchestral works opens with Rossini's comic opera "L'italiana in Algeri (overture)- rich in melody with many musical surprises. "Concertino de Camera for percussion and chamber ensemble" by Menachem Wiesenberg, is a challenging and interesting combination. Music that is full of inspiration and colors for both the orchestra and a battery of percussion instruments. The guest artist for this performance is the wizard of percussion, Chen Zimbalista. Mozart's last symphony No. 41, "Jupiter" is a festive, optimistic symphony that ends in a dazzling display of counterpoint and Mozartian genius. The young Israeli conductor Nir Kabaretti who is making a successful career in Europe's big opera houses. Recently appointed as the house conductor of opera in Florence, Italy.

Sounds from the world: Music from the British Isles

Ralph Vaughan Williams: "The Wasps" -  Overture.
Fredrick Delious: "On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring"
G.F.Handel: Concerto for oboe, no. 3, G minor
Benjamine Britten: Suite on English Folk Tunes, op. 90  ("A time there was...")

"Irish Cream" (Irish folk music ensemble)
Irish Cream (Irish folk music ensemble) Hilla Peleg - Oboe
Yaron Gottfried - Conductor

The impressive opening to "Wasps", awakening spring of Delius, Handel's elegant classical work and the collection of ancient melodies through the eyes of Britten take us to the folk music of England and Ireland. This pastoral music abounding with melody and harmony is based on folk and sheepherder's musical motifs. The highlight of the program is the meeting between the orchestra and "Irish Cream", a band that specialize in Irish music. Together with the orchestra they will perform sets of fast-stepping Irish music that were especially adapted for this evening and arranged by Yaron Gottfried. In addition, the group will play a few numbers from their own program.

Classical3: I Love Bach

G.F.Telemann: Concerto for recorder & flute, E minor
J.S.Bach: Brandenburg concerto no. 4, BWV 1049, G major for 2 solo recorders, solo violin and strings orchestra
Yael ShimshoniMichael Melzer Yaron Gottfried: "The well tempered, unbalanced piano"

Michael Melzer,Yael Shimshoni, Ezer Melzer - Recorders
Asi Matathias - Violin
Yorai Oron - Double bass
Eitan Itzcovich - Drums
Yaron Gottfried - Piano
Yaron Gottfried,Michael Melzer - Conductors

The recorder artist, Michael Meltzer will lead the first part of a concert dedicated to interpretations of Bach's works. With Yael Shimshoni he will perform the fourth Brandenburg Concerto. Asi Matatias, a young man who has already reaped praise in appearances with orchestras in Israel, will play the violin part. The second part of the program will feature Yaron Gottfried's original creation "The well tempered unbalanced Piano" that was commissioned for the festival of Israel's Voice of Music in the Upper Galilee" 2001 and received with much praise. The work is based on Bach's book of preludes and fugues and written to a unique ensemble: recorders, winds instruments, vibraphone, strings and a jazz trio (piano, contrabass and drums). Gottfried present Bach in a new and refreshing way and invites us to a meeting between the old and the new, the classical and jazz, the written and the improvised. During the work there is a prelude by Gottfried and then the fugue that follows it in its original version as Bach wrote it but with various orchestrations, a concert for all lovers of Bach.

Sounds from the world: American Music

Aaron Copland: "Appalachian spring"
Standarts for Orchestra and Jazz singer. Arrangments by Ilan Mochiach
Samuel Barber: Concerto for violin. Op. 14
Aaron Copland: "Hoe Down" (Country music for violin & orchestra)
Hagai ShahamIris Portugaly Hagai Shaham - Violin
Iris Portugaly - Singing
Menahem Nebenhaus - Conductors

American music is the result of a process that took place in the melting pot of new immigrants that flocked to America from all corners of the world. One can hear Indian melodies, spirituals, songs of slavery, national fairytales, musical descriptions of landscapes and much more. During the 20th century, America expressed itself to the world through jazz, which greatly influenced many European, Russian and American composers. This concert presents the best of American classics. Copland, a Jewish composer and a key figure in American music, expresses his exposure to his surroundings with original and piquant music. His famous work, "Appalachian Spring" contains descriptions of nature.
Gershwin's songs, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington, were all the fathers of jazz. Ilan Mochiach arranged a medley of "Standards" that will be performed by the well-known jazz singer Iris Portugali. The works of Samuel Barber have earned recognition in many performances. His violin concerto has been claimed as one of the most important works in the young American classical music. The first two movements abound with lyricism and the final movement presents a challenge to virtuosity. Hagai Shaham, the international violinist, returns to Israel to perform this work.

Classical4: The Enchantment of Romance

Zvika Pleser W.A. Mozart: "The Magic Flute" K.620 - Overture
Robert Schumann:Concerto for violoncello, op. 129, A minor
Franz Schubert: Symphony no. 9, D. 944, C major (The Great)
Zvi Plesser - Cello
Noam Sheriff - Conductor

In the concert dedicated to symphonic romanticism, we encounter the poetic music of Schumman for cello, music that leads the cello to a peak of lyrici expression. Zvika Pleser, who regularly appears with orchestras in Israel and abroad and a member of the prodigious Huberman Quartet, was invited to perform this work. Schubert's last symphony (written a few months prior to his death) is flowing with melodies and romantic beauty; it is Schubert's swan song.

Classical5: Voices and Colors

Ralph Vaughan Williams: "Flos Campi"
F.J.Haydn: Lord Nelson Mass in D minor
Gilead Karni Gilad Karni - Viola
Soloist - To be announced
The Kibbutz Choir
Yaron Gottfried - Conductor

Vaughan William's work "Flos Campi" is a rare work of beauty and unusual in its musical components. The viola is the main expressive solo instrument accompanied by orchestra and choir singing vocally without text. Gilad Karni, who is currently the leader of the viola section at the Berlin Opera Orchestra, makes his first solo appearance with us; he is also a member of the Huberman Quartet.
"Nelson Mass" (Mass in straitened times) is the hypnotizing and striking work by Haydn. Its individuality is immediately apparent in the sound of the opening bars. This composition concludes the concerts season in exaltation and optimism. The final prayer 'Grant us peace' that ends the work are more realistic and relevant today than ever.