The Israel Kibbutz Orchestra - 39th Season - 2009-2010

Heroic Beethoven - October
Ye Eun Choi Conductor: Yaron Gottfried
Violin: Ye Eun Choi (South Korea)

Violin Concerto in D major, op. 61
Symphony no. 3 in E-flat major, op. 55 ("Eroica")

The opening concert of the IKO's festive season features Beethoven's Violin Concerto, performed by a rising star, the young Korean violinist Ye Eun Choi, protégée of Anne-Sophie Mutter, who is currently appearing with the world's top orchestras and was chosen as the 2007 Promising Artist by the American Organization of Orchestras. We will conclude the concert with the Third Symphony, "Eroica", whose expressive power has redefined man's ability to express himself through music. Each of the symphony's four movements is a complete world, and especially noteworthy in terms of intensity is the second movement - the famous "Funeral March".
From Bohemia to the Balkans - November
Emil Aybinder Yuval Shapiro
Conductor - Daniel Cohen

Accordion: Emil Aybinder
Trumpet: Yuval Shapiro

Dvorak: String Serenade in E major, op. 22
Martinu: Serenade for Chamber Orchestra
Hummel: Trumpet Concerto in E major
Folk Music from the Balkans and more… for accordion and orchestra

A concert of ethnic music, featuring the virtuoso accordionist Emil Aybinder, who has gained worldwide success with his CD released by Deutsche Grammophon. Emil will perform with the orchestra sweeping Slavic folk music, Balkan music brimming with asymmetrical rhythms and more. Dvorak's String Serenade - one of the loveliest and most brilliant works ever written for string orchestra - comprises folk melodies from his homeland Bohemia.
The work by Bohemian composer Martinu presents his harmonic, melodic and rhythmic ideas in Baroque style.
Hummel's famous and brilliant Trumpet Concerto will be performed by IKO's Principal Trumpet Yuval Shapiro.
Sounds in Time Dimension - December
Dana Merbach Nir Kabaretti

Conductor: Nir Kabaretti

The Ma'ayan Choir, conducted by Anat Morag
Soprano: Dana Merbach

Gottfried: "Time Dimensions" for choir, soprano, computer and orchestra (World Premiere)
Vivaldi: Gloria in D major
Haydn: Symphony no. 101 in D major ("The Clock")

This vocal program will open with Vivaldi's famous "Gloria", which presents the composer's unique and varied style of composition in full glory.
We will hear the world premiere of a new work by the IKO Music Director, Yaron Gottfried, commissioned and written especially for the Ma'ayan Choir. This work presents an intriguing encounter of a play on time and sound through the combination of pre-recorded and computer works, creating a dialogue with live performance.
We will conclude the concert with Haydn's Symphony no. 101, "The Clock" that brims with surprises. This work received its title due to the rhythm resembling the ticking of a clock that accompanies the second movement.
The concert will be conducted by Nir Kabaretti, Music Director of the Santa Barbara Orchestra.
Spain, Andalusia and Ladino Singing - January
Yasmin LevyAvi Avital

Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

Ladino Singer: Yasmin Levy
Mandolin: Avi Avital

De Falla: "El Amor Brujo"
Turina: Five Gypsy Dances for Chamber Orchestra, op. 55
Menachem Wiesenberg: Mandolin Concerto (Israeli Premiere)
Ladino Songs for singer and orchestra, arranged by Yaron Gottfried

A sweeping Spanish-Andalusian concert, in which we will host the Ladino singer Yasmin Levy, winner of the USA Original Composition Prize in the World Music Category, who is considered one of the leading artists in the world music scene today. She will appear with the IKO in songs from her recordings of new orchestral arrangements, as well as De Falla's stormy and sensual "El Amor Brujo", which relays the story of a young gypsy girl who falls in love with a young man, but the spirit of her former lover torments her and does not allow her to realize this love.
In addition, we will perform the Israeli Premiere of Wiesenberg's Mandolin Concerto, with the mandolin master Avi Avital, winner of the Citta' di Voghera Competition in Italy.
"The Courtly Indies" - February
Renana RazThe Dance Company of Renana Raz
The IKO hosts the Dance Company of Renana Raz (Winner of the Prime Minister Prize) in an original choreography.

Conductor & Pianist: Yaron Gottfried

Clarinets: Nitzan Kaspi, Shelly Danzer

Mendelssohn: Concertante Piece for Two Clarinets, op. 114
Mozart: Piano Concerto no. 23 in A major, K. 488
Rameau: Dance Suite, "The Courtly Indies", with original choreography

A unique multimedia concert with the dance company of Renana Raz. The central work will be Rameau's Suite, brimming with vigor, humor, richness and variety, as though inviting us to dance. The choreography, set to Rameau's work, will translate the music into ../images and give contemporary and original interpretation to the colorful movements. The first part of the concert will be dedicated to two solo works: Mozart's Piano Concerto no. 23, considered one of the loveliest works ever written, especially its second somber and grave movement, which is one of the expressive peaks of the classical repertoire, as well as a light and pleasant concert work by Mendelssohn for two clarinets, performed by the orchestra's soloists.
Sounds from Nature - March
Gile Nilson
Yaacov Bergman Rutti Varon

Conductor: Yaacov Bergman

Horn: Rutti Varon

Rautavaara: "Cantus Arcticus" - Concerto for Birds and Orchestra, accompanied by narrative and projections of paintings by Liz Gill Neilson (USA)
Mozart: Horn Concerto no. 3 in E-flat major, K. 447
Beethoven: Symphony no. 6 in F major, op. 68 ("Pastoral")

A musical journey to nature's realms! The concert will open with a beautiful work by the Finnish composer Rautavaara, "Cantus Arcticus", which combines orchestral and bird sounds recorded in the Arctic Circle, creating a magical feeling of pastoral tranquility. The artist Liz Gill Neilson (USA) created a series of spectacular paintings that will be projected throughout the work.
Mozart especially loved the horn, to which he dedicated his Concerto no. 3, presenting this instrument's lyrical beauty and the characteristic horn calls featured in the concluding humorous Rondo.
We will conclude with Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony - a song of praise that musically depicts nature's beauty, bird calls, open pastures, dark forests and rain storms.
Italian Spring - April
Ud Joffe Hila Zabari-Peleg, Gilad Hildesheim, Ella Vaulin
Conductor: Ud Joffe

Violin: Gilad Hildesheim, Hada Fabricant
Oboe: Hilla Zabari Peleg, Michael Lam

- Violin Concerto no. 1, op. 8 ("Spring" from The Four Seasons)
- Concerto for Two Oboes in D minor
Bach: Violin Concerto no. 1 in A minor
Mendelssohn: Symphony no. 4 in A major, op. 90 ("Italian")

This springtime program featuring the orchestra's soloists includes works influenced by Italian music by German Bach and Mendelssohn and Italian Vivaldi.
We will perform two concerti by Vivaldi - the Concerto for Two Oboes and the famous and popular "Spring" Concerto from The Four Seasons, which depicts the awakening of nature.
Bach, who adored Vivaldi, learned from him and was inspired by his works. In his Concerto the combination between soloist and orchestra is especially intriguing. He mixes the orchestra in the work's polyphonic texture.
The "Italian" Symphony, composed by Mendelssohn following his grand journey to Italy, brims with brilliance and splendor and comprises dance rhythms that Mendelssohn picked up from Italian folklore.
Haydn: "The Creation" - May
Potsdamer Kantorei Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

The Potsdamer Kantorei (Germany), conducted by Ud Joffe
Soprano: Yael Levite
Tenor: Xavier Moreno
Bass: Reiner Scheerer (Germany)

As part of the IKO's 40th anniversary celebrations, the orchestra and the Potsdam Kantorei will perform Haydn's Oratorio, "The Creation", one of the masterpieces of the classical music repertoire. Haydn divided the narrative between three protagonists: the angels Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. The entire choir is a chorus of angels watching God's creation. Throughout the Oratorio's 110 minutes Haydn depicts how the world was created from the void: how God put order in the universe and created all living creatures and man. From a mixture of sounds, partial phrases, surprising dissonances and unclear beginnings a unified voice is created and the instruments join together in harmony, until there is light! "I have never felt as religious in my faith as when I worked on 'The Creation'. Every day I went down on my knees and asked God to give me the strength to bring the work to a successful conclusion", in the words of the composer.
The Orchestra's 40th Anniversary Celebrations
Conductor: Yaron Gottfried

Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 in D minor, op. 125 ("Choral")

In the festive end-of-season concert we will celebrate the IKO's 40th anniversary in the framework and under the auspices of the Israel Festival. With a large and expanded ensemble, together with the Israel Sinfonietta Beer Sheva, a choir and soloists, we will perform Beethoven's greatest work - the Ninth Symphony. Each of its movements is an ingenious peak of rare expressive force, and its moving finale, set to Schiller's poem sung by choir and soloists, emphasizes the spirit of freedom and brotherhood of all men.

*subject to change